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September 14, 04

Yakabuski Agrees With Liberal MPP:
McGuinty Government Doing Nothing For Farmers

(Pembroke) – Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP, John Yakabuski today lashed out at the McGuinty Liberals for failing to come to the aid of Ontario farmers.  In the wake of the federal government’s announcement of a new BSE aid package, the Ontario government has yet to announce any matching funds for its’ own cattle farmers even though the Alberta Government has already come through with another $230 million.

Yakabuski echoed the views of Liberal MPP, Jim Brownell who recently criticized his own government for failing farmers and rural Ontario.

“We have 21,000 beef farmers in this province and the Premier keeps telling them that they are a priority,” said Yakabuski.  “If they are a priority, then why do they have to continue to wait with cap in hand while this government takes it time deciding what to do?  I applaud Jim Brownell for his honest assessment that this government couldn’t care less about farmers or rural Ontario.”

Last week, Stormont-Dundas-Charlottenburgh MPP Jim Brownell blasted his own government for ignoring farmers and rural Ontario.  Brownell was quoted extensively in the “Chesterville Record” newspaper saying that, “there hasn’t been much that has put farming on a pedestal since we were elected to government…there hasn’t been one thing.”  He also stated that, “I don’t think they (the McGuinty Government) understand the struggles (in) rural Ontario,” and accused them of being “individuals sitting in ivory towers thinking of things.”  Brownell went on to say that, “you were told that this was going to be a government of consultation.  It hasn’t happened.”

The newspaper also reported that when Mr. Brownell spoke to the Dundas Federation of Agriculture on September 2, 2004 he told his audience that he expected to be “crapped over” for his government’s farm policies.  The newspaper went on to report that Brownell’s “greatest disappointment of the term was that a promised forum involving the Premier and all agricultural stakeholders – a part of the Liberal’s election platform – had yet to happen.”

Yakabuski says he will continue to fight for farmers and rural Ontario and that he looks forward to working with of Mr. Brownell in that regard. Yakabuski has already written a letter to Minister Peters demanding that the Ontario government come through with a matching aid package and if the issue is not resolved soon he will be hounding the government each day in when the Legislature resumes in early October.


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