Fund-raising BBQ (Street Party)



  Corner of Willola Beach and Moorehead Dr.
To get to
Willola Beach take Galetta Side Road to Cannon Smith Drive, Willola Beach is at the very end of Cannon Smith.) ROUTE MAP


  Saturday, July 17, 2004


  1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Speaker/supporters of the residents' efforts include Terry Kilrea of the
People's Voice, Randy Hillier of the Lanark Landowners' Association, Bob
McKinley of the Rural Council,  Daniel Van Vliet, Chair of The Sierra Club,
Ottawa Chapter, Janne Campbell of the West Carleton Rural Association,
and two unnamed speakers to be announced at the rally.


REPORT ...on the day's events:                            July 17, 2004

Successful event illustrates citizen's resolve to kill "corrupted" bypass scheme

Everyone agrees hidden agenda at play

The most logical solution, is to complete the locks that have been started on the Quebec side of the river, where there is a sizeable marina to support it, along with boosting the local economy. (To see link photos of the partially constructed locks: CLICK HERE)

"When public officials withhold information from the public, and hide what they're trying to do ---as in this case--- then there is something very wrong with what they're doing, and it has to be stopped."

Jack McLaren- local resident, Vice- President of the WCRA, Director of the Ottawa-Carleton Soil and Crop Improvement Association, Rural Council member and Director of the LLA.


Democracy at WORK ...and PLEASURE, visiting with like-minded friends

The Willola Beach BBQ (Fund-raiser) event, on Saturday, was, by all accounts, a huge success. Mike Campbell, President of the Willola Beach Property Owner's Association (WBPOA) kicked things off by thanking the many individuals, organizations and entertainers who had offered their time and talents to make this such a successful event. He also introduced the many guest speakers.

Local resident, Jack MacLaren, who is a new member-Director of the LLA, stood in for LLA President Randy Hillier who is away on holidays. He started his comments by saying, "I joined the Lanark Landowners Association because, when it comes to defending the fundamental democratic rights of its members and friends ---the LLA is very assertive. Just look at all the support they are giving us today!"

He went on to say that "When public officials withhold information from the public, and hide what they're trying to do ---as in this case--- then there is something very wrong with what they're doing, and it has to be stopped."

West Carleton resident Adele Muldoon, a Director of the Rural Council, stated that "the Rural Council strongly supports the efforts of the WBPOA to bring a just end to the faulty bypass scheme". She said the bypass is wrong in its approach, and wasteful of tax dollars.

"The process has not been open and transparent. In spite of months of research and numerous inquiries we still do not understand exactly how or why this project was started. We don’t know how much of our tax dollars will be used to operate it. We are not even sure who is to benefit from it. They say it is the northern Ontario tourist industry that it was meant to benefit, but at this very same time, the province is threatening to destroy that industry with its new water regulations. Many campground owners and other small rural  


Adele Muldoon addresses crowd at Willola Beach

tourist businesses will be forced to close when these regulations are enforced." Adele questions, "Who will be left to benefit then?"  

Muldoon told the Willola Beach residents, "You are slowly unravelling the shroud of secrecy that has enveloped this project from the beginning," adding, "I admire your willingness to stand up and fight for your rights. You will not just let this 'happen' to you. I admire your tenacity. No matter what it takes you will be heard. The rural council will continue to support you in your struggle as we have all along." She reminded residents that the Rural Council website has a complete section devoted to the Chats Falls bypass issue, which ---if they haven't looked at it already, they should check it out.

Adele closed by saying that the Rural Council is in the middle of doing an important survey of rural attitudes, covering all of the former rural wards of Osgoode, Rideau, Goulbourn and West Carleton, and urged those who have received survey forms that were delivered to their homes, to drop them off at one of the collection points listed on the form. (Anyone who did not receive one of the randomly delivered forms can fill out the survey -ONLINE- on the Rural Council's website.)

(Editor's Note: The website is receiving close to 600 hits per day at this point, so the Willola Beach "cause" is getting excellent coverage ...and it's growing every day!)

The New RO spotted this eager defender of the cause.


One view of a few of the attentive listeners, to the
guest speakers and entertainers at the event.

Accomplished Folk-Singer and Song-Writer, Linda Grenier, presented her own compelling composition ...on the Willola Beach cause, entitled: "The Power of 5 or 6". You can check out Linda's website at: www.lindagrenier.com

Many other speakers...

Daniel Van Vliet, Chair of the Ottawa Chapter of The Sierra Club, told the audience that neither he, personally, nor the Sierra Club, could see any environmental merit to the bypass proposal.  From an environmental perspective ...it was 'downside' all the way.

Terry Kilrea, of the People's Voice, gave some words of encouragement to the group, telling them that he understands that their fight to be heard and to be respected, is not easy ...but to "Keep up the good fight," ...that, "Democracy is worth it".

Shirley Dolan, who is Secretary/Treasurer of the West Carleton Rural Association (WCRA) ---covering for Janne Campbell, President, who is away on holidays, stated that the WCRA supports the WBPOA "to the fullest", in their efforts to get the bypass project stopped.

Retired lawyer, Bob McKinley, who is President of the Rural Council commended residents on their excellent job of making themselves heard at City Hall, and for standing up to defend their rights. He reminded the audience that the whole purpose of the Rural Council, is to stand behind individual residents and rural communities that are faced with loss of their democratic rights, and to help them all be heard as part of one strong voice.

Rural Council's survey of rural attitudes - early results:

McKinley added that the early returns in response to the four-question survey, sent out, show an "overwhelmingly high endorsement" of the Rural Council's efforts to bring about change, and to help rural residents speak with a clear voice on common issues relating to their mistreatment and under-representation. He said that the question dealing with the level of satisfaction regarding city governance, showed there is a "huge level of dissatisfaction" with the city's performance.

McKinley released these early survey numbers, emphasizing that the figures are still subject to minor adjustments, as returns continue to arrive through the collection boxes, and online (until the end of the month):

                                                      Preliminary Survey Results
     Goulbourn    Rideau/Osgoode      West Carleton
Q#1: Re- Support for Rural Council?

Yes: 97%

 Yes: 92.3%

 Yes: 91%

Q#2: Re- Satisfaction with governance?

No:  95%

No:  90%

No:  91%

Q#3: Re- Support for deamalgamation?

Yes: 84%

  Yes: 91.5%

Yes: 85%

Q#4: Re- Should City/Province comply  
              with the majority of voters?

Yes: 92%

Yes: 92%

 Yes: 93%


                                                                                                                (To view Survey Results in detail - CLICK HERE)

He stated that a sufficient number of survey responses have been received to be statistically valid for polling purposes, and show a similarity in attitude, "across-the-board" that is widely representative of a good cross-section of the four rural townships.

He wrapped up his comments by concluding that the overwhelming endorsement of support, the Rural Council has received, has to help raise the recognition level of the city-aggravated problem at Willola Beach. The issue must be "properly revisited by Council", and dealt with honourably.

Bruce Collier, of the WBPOA, thanked residents for their fighting spirit, and reaffirmed that their community's determination precluded the option of backing down, or of loosing this battle. He reiterated the common theme for the day, which was that, "Our community has a just cause and right will ultimately prevail".

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