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Amalgamation benefits  ...Fact or Myth - (Comment by Councillor Glenn Brooks - Ward 21, Ottawa)

Beyond the City Lights - Rural Tourism Conference Series 2004 - (Link to OMAFRA website)

Canadian Rural Information Service - (Government of Canada)

Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Carleton Landowners Association website - www.CarletonCounty.ca

"Chaotic city council is no accident" - by former Toronto Mayor, John Sewell (Eye - July 25. 2002)

Citizens of Ancaster working towards the De-Amalgamation of the NEW City of Hamilton

City of Ottawa - website

Community Budget Advisory Team, Ottawa, Canada: (www.cbat.ca)

Democracy Watch

Direct Democracy Through Municipal Referendums Act, 2000

Discredited ideas and Utopian ideals driving municipal amalgamations -C.D. Howe Institute

Economic Arguments Against Municipal Mergers

"Eulogy for The Death of Democracy"

FarmersFeedCities.com - Agricultural awareness website

Follow how the municipal de-merger process is working in Quebec

Freedominion.ca - "The Voice of Principled Conservatism"

Free Flamborough - website

Free Press Advocate

Frety.NET - a web directory with homepage thumbnails

GAP - Government Accountability Protection - (Whistleblower Protection Act & Amendments)

House Hansard Search of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Landowners Magazine -Website

Local and Regional Governance in the Greater Toronto Area: A Review of Alternatives

"Low Expectations for Municipal Amalgamations in Ontario" - Frontier Centre for Public Policy


Ontario Landowners Association

Ontario Property & Environmental Rights Alliance - (OPERA)

OttawasCountryside.ca - Website of the Ottawa Rural Tourism Council


Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group

OutOfOttawa.ca - "Ottawa's De-Amalgamation Site"

Realities - How the public is often misled - website

Rideau Chamber of Commerce

Rural Council, is there a need - (Comment by Councillor Glenn Brooks - Ward 21, Ottawa)

Rural Revolution (LLA) - website

Rural Revolt on Parliament Hill - April 8, 2004

Selected Quotes On Amalgamation, Democracy And Referenda - McGinty and Gerretson (Victoria Cty. site)

"Take back GO, then de-amalgamate Toronto" by former Toronto Mayor, John Sewell - (Eye -Oct. 4, 2001)

The Ontario Rural Council (TORC)

Victoria County: "Yes Victoria" Homepage

VOCO (Voices of Central Ontario) NEWS - website

Walter Robinson - Website

Water Watch Association - "Leave well enough alone"

Wellsafe.net - Opposed to Drinking Water Systems Regulation 170/03

West Carleton Rural Association (WCRA) - website         (WCRA -April 2004 - NEWSLETTER)

Whistleblower.org - website

Willola Beach Property Owners Association - website