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  About Us
A feeling of ownership - Stittsville News - Editorial - April 6, 2004
Amalgamation of Ottawa's rural townships - a failure
Ancaster citizens working towards the De-Amalgamation of the NEW City of Hamilton
Andy Haydon
Angry farmers storm the city - "Farmers right on": Stephen Harper
Argument for de-amalgamation - by former Toronto Mayor, John Sewell - (Eye -Oct. 4, 2001)
A web directory with homepage thumbnails - Frety.NET
  Brownell apologetic for record - The Chesterville Record - (September 8, 2004)
Buckingham gets enough names to hold referendum - (The Ottawa Citizen, 040519)
BRT - Bus Rapid Transit
  Campground owners and other small businesses in jeopardy over new water rules
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Canadian Rural Information Service - (Government of Canada)
Carleton County - Historic Public Discussion Meeting- July 31, 2005 (Plus other links)
Carleton County - Back to the Future: West Carleton Review - July 8, 2005
Carleton Landowners Association website - www.CarletonCounty.ca
C.D. Howe Institute - "Discredited ideas and Utopian ideals driving municipal amalgamations
"Chaotic city council is no accident"
- by former Toronto Mayor, John Sewell (Eye - July 25. 2002)
Chiarelli has added nothing to city - Randall Denley, The Ottawa Citizen, Jan 13/04
Chiarelli, Mayor Bob: Track Record
Chiarelli, Mayor should quit hydro board
City life not for rurals: Survey - Ottawa Sun, July 25, 2004
City of Ottawa - Link to Website
Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP)
Constitution and By-Laws of the Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton --(DRAFT)
Contact Information for Ottawa Mayor and Councillors 
  Dalton McGuinty's land grab - National Post Editorial - 041102
Deamalgamation (Municipal) - Links
"De-amalgamate Toronto" - former Mayor John Sewell - (Eye -Oct. 4, 2001)
Democracy advocate starts new newspaper: View website of the Free Press Advocate
Direct Democracy Through Municipal Referendums Act, 2000
Democracy Watch (website)
Doug Clark
Drinking Water Systems Regulation 170/03
  Economic Arguments Against Municipal Mergers
Election-2004: "Liberals' rural dilemma" - Ottawa Citizen, June 7, 2004
Energy from Waste -  the sound alternative to Green Bin Program or Landfills
Eulogy for The Death of Democracy -
PRESS RELEASE: Flamborough, Ontario, April 22, 2004
  Fears arise from demerger/Quebec vote inspires rural rebels
First meeting of the Rural Council - March 23, 2004
Free Flamborough - website
Free Press Advocate -First Edition: met with rave reviews - Sept. 10, 2004
Free Press Advocate - Newspaper Website
Free Press Advocate ...refreshing new voice for democracy - endorsed by the Rural Council
Frety.NET - a web directory with homepage thumbnails
  Garbage Incineration Technology
Glenn Brooks (Ottawa - Ward 21, Councillor) - "Article of the Week" selections
Government of Canada:  Canadian Rural Information Service
Green Bin Program - (posted 091202)
  History behind Ottawa's amalgamation, and Lead-up to the Rural Council
House Hansard Search of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario
How to Join the Rural Council
  Information Service, Rural - (Canadian Government website)
It's Here! - First Edition of "FREE PRESS ADVOCATE" is met with rave reviews - September 10, 2004
  "Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study": City's motives cannot be trusted
  Keyword - House Hansard Search of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario
  Landfill diversion
Land grab (by Dalton McGuinty) - National Post Editorial - 041102
Lanark Landowners Association (LLA)
Landowner Magazine - Website

Landowners warned about the city's "Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study"
Lead-up to the Rural Council --- Ottawa's Amalgamation History
Liberals' rural dilemma - Ottawa Citizen, June 7, 2004
Links - to other websites
LLA goes to Perth Farmers Market - in defense of farmers
Local and Regional Governance in the Greater Toronto Area: A Review of Alternatives
Low Expectations for Municipal Amalgamations in Ontario - Frontier Centre for Public Policy
  Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? - Globe and Mail - October 19, 2004
Mayor's vision for city invisible - Randall Denley, The Ottawa Citizen, Jan 13/05 
Megacity Blues - "Charest's megacity lesson" -  by former Toronto Mayor, John Sewell - (Eye- May 8, 2003)
Motion to review benefits of amalgamation gets defeated (because ..there are none)- August 25, 2004
Municipal deamalgamation
Municipal restructuring - discussed in Ontario Legislature - March 29, 2004

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Diversion

Munster Sewergate scandal - Website
  News and events - in chronological order
Newspaper: Free Press Advocate (website)
Nutrient Management Act of Ontario - OMAFRA website
Nutrient Management issue- Sierra Club says farmers bearing NM burden- from Ont. Farmer-040323
  OFFICIAL RESULTS:  Survey of Rural Attitudes - July, 2004
ONLINE SURVEY of rural attitudes - Fill it out: from July 15th to July 31, 2004
Ontario Farmer: "Environment officials get an earfull" - March 30, 2004  
Ontario Farmer: "Farmers bearing NM burden", says Sierra Club - March 23, 2004 
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Ontario Landowners Association - Website 
Ontario Rural Council - TORC
OPERA - Ontario Property & Environmental Rights Alliance
OttawasCountryside.ca - Website of the Ottawa Rural Tourism Council
Ottawa Green Bin Program - (posted 091202)
Ottawa Mayor and Councillors: Contact Information - Also: Link to City's Website 
OttawaSewergateFiasco.com - Website on approaching city of Ottawa $30,000,000 boondoggle
OTTAWA SUN reports that provincewide voice of rurals just got louder - Sept. 19, 2004
Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group
OutOfOttawa.ca - "Ottawa's De-Amalgamation Site"
  Power in the hands of the few - by John Sewell, former Mayor of Toronto - (Eye - Oct. 2, 2003)
Property Rights - Property rights v. Environmentalism -Goulbourn Landowners Group
Property Rights - MP, Gord O'Connor's speach on Property Rights
Property Rights - Letter from OPERA to Attorney General of Ontario - 021007
Property Rights - LLA addresses serious problems with city's Jock River Sub-Watershed Reach-2
Property Rights - Ontario Property and Environmental Rights Alliance, (OPERA), website
  Quebec vote inspires rural rebels/Fears arise from demerger
  Rally at Ottawa City Hall (June 8, 2005) -Sponsored by Rural Council
Rapid Bus Transit (BRT)
Realities - How the public is often misled - website
Richmond Sewergate scandal
Rural Council applauds city's efforts to modify Provincial Water Regulations -September 8, 2004
Rural Council holds its first meeting
Rural Council, is there a need - (Comment by Councillor Glen Brooks - Ward 21, Ottawa)
Rural Council Voicing the Rural Voice - (Comment by Councillor Glenn Brooks - Ward 21, Ottawa)
Rural phase out - the shocking, heavy-handed, city-focused policy of new Ontario government (040421)
Rural residents vent frustrations over water rules - (as reported in The Ottawa Citizen, April 30, 2004)
Rural Revolt on Parliament Hill - April 8, 2004
Rural Revolution (LLA) - website
Rural Revolution ready to roll into town - Eastern Ontario AgriNews - April 2004
Rural Revolution steamrolls across EO - AgriNews - March/04
Rural Tourism Council (Ottawa) - Website : OttawasCountryside.ca
  Selected Quotes On Amalgamation, Democracy And Referenda - McGinty and Gerretson
Shortliffe ...now?
Shortliffe Report
Stavinga - Conflicts of Interest over involvement with RVCA, and wetlands approach against ratepayers
Stittsville News - Editorial - April 6, 2004: A feeling of ownership 
Survey of Rural Attitudes - July, 2004 - RESULTS
  Taxpayer Advocacy Group (re: City of Ottawa) 
The Economic Arguments Against Municipal Mergers

TORC -The Ontario Rural Council
Tourism: Website of the Ottawa Rural Tourism Council - www.OttawasCountryside.ca
Transit Tunnel 
Treat waste close to source  
  Urban-rural divide seen as Liberal "dilemma" in 2004 Federal Election - (Ottawa Citizen, June 4, 2004)
  Victoria County - website
VOCO (Voices of Central Ontario) NEWS - website
  Ward Boundary Review - Protest Rally by Rural Council -June 8, 2005
Warning to landowners about the city's "Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study"
Walter Robinson addresses public meeting hosted by the Rural Council - November 8th, 2004
Walter Robinson's speaking notes for -November 8th, 2004 presentation to Rural Council
Walter Robinson - Website

Water -  Ministry of the Environment (MOE) - website 
Water Regulations (#170/03) - negative impacts described at meeting held by WCRA (May 25, 2004)
Water Watch Association - "Leave well enough alone"
Waste Diversion from Landfills

West Carleton Rural Association (WCRA) - website        (WCRA -April 2004 - NEWSLETTER)
Wetlands- City-contrived - Flooding problems - Wrong designations -Conflicts of Interest
Who can afford "Clean" water? - Ottawa Citizen - May 3, 2004
Who is Doug Clark?

Willola Beach Property Owners Association - website


Yakabuski Agrees With Liberal MPP: McGuinty Government Doing Nothing For Farmers (Sept. 14/04)