On-Line Petition in support of protecting the
Village of Richmond's potable water source
Sponsored by the Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton (Jan-April/05)

Background information:

"Stinky sewage treatments" - Ottawa Sun's, Susan Sherring - July 29, 2003
Trail Rd ON-SITE leachate treatment decision, example needed for Richmond's safety
Poor Representative - Letter to Editor, The Ottawa Citizen, Jan. 3/05
Richmond's outgoing forcemain ruptures 7th time - (New- February 27, 2005)
Richmond's outgoing forcemain ruptures 6th time
Ottawa's "Sewergate Scandal" spotlighted by the FREE PRESS ADVOCATE
More background on Richmond's --city-caused-- water source protection crisis

"Drinking water sources should be protected by developing watershed-based source protection plans."                  -Walkerton Report

Without a comprehensive source water protection program, public health remains at risk."
                             -White Paper on Watershed-based Source Protection Planning


to the Mayor and Council of the City of Ottawa
(and copied to the Minister of the Environment of Ontario)

from residents, both within the city of Ottawa and throughout Ontario (and perhaps beyond), 
who have read this document, are understanding of the city's wrongdoing, and are
supportive the Village of Richmond's efforts to defend its drinking water source:


"I clearly understand that pumping raw sewage, under pressure, in close proximity to shallow wells in the Village of Richmond, (rural community within the city of Ottawa), represents a serious health hazard to its citizens, and is indefensible in view of recent multiple failures of the existing sewer forcemain.

I therefore strongly urge the City of Ottawa to abandon its plan ---due to it being an unequivocal threat to the health of residents and the cause of widespread concern and anxiety."

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