Warning - Notice   

from the Board of Directors
of the
Ottawa-Carleton Soil and Crop Improvement Association
landowners in the area of the city's Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study project,
on how they can begin to protect themselves against the unjust incursions by socialist-
minded bureaucrats, into the "quiet enjoyment" of  their privately owned property.

(This letter was mailed to all members of the Ottawa-Carleton Soil and Crop Improvement Association,
and was mass mailed as a flyer to all property owners in the area of the Study):



Attention Farmers and Landowners

On June 22, 2004, Leslie Vanclief, a planner with the City of Ottawa, came to a meeting of our board of directors to tell us about the city’s "Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study" project. The cost of the study will be $350,000., not including the cost of government staff. She asked for the support of our board of directors and asked that two of our directors sit on an Advisory Committee to the Steering Committee which has representatives from nine government agencies. The purpose of the project is to identify significant environmental features such as bush lots, wetlands, waterways, etc. and to protect them with appropriate designations in Ottawa’s Official Plan. This will require that their people enter onto your private property to record information.

It is our considered recommendation that you do not give these people permission to enter your property because the results of the study could potentially result in land use designations that could restrict or interfere with your ability to use your property for work, pleasure or profit. As land owners you have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

Recently you received a letter from the city asking for your permission to enter your property to conduct the study. We recommend that you say NO. You do have property rights. Now is the time to stand up for them.

From the Board of Directors of the Ottawa-Carleton Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

For information contact: Jack MacLaren

Ph: (613) 832 3201
E-mail: jmaclaren@sympatico.ca

June 27, 2004.



Carleton-Lanark MP, Gordon O'Connor, in his platform literature, stated the following:


"The right to own property should be
entrenched in the Constitution."

"No government should have the authority to expropriate private property or to impose
regulations that impact an individual's
property, without just compensation."

"As it stands today, governments at all levels - municipal, provincial and federal - are continually imposing new rules and regulations on rural property owners. These regulations restrict what property owners can and cannot do on their own land, and sometimes cause property values to go down. This unfair situation can be resolved by entrenching property rights in the Constitution."

                                                       -Gordon O'Connor, MP - Carleton-Lanark



City of Ottawa - website link to the: Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study

A study without credibility…

The city’s rationale for the Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study is to ensure long-term ecological sustainability of the subwatershed and its significant natural resources”, and to “to restore and enhance the natural system and promote compatible uses” …etc, etc.

The city has assembled a team to carry out this exercise, made up of:

  • the City's Environment, Development Approvals, Policy Planning, Infrastructure Policy, and Water Environment Protection divisions;
  • Rideau Valley Conservation Authority;
  • Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans;
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; and,
  • Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

If the city’s stated reasons for the subwatershed study were the least-bit truthful, it would have been protecting the Jock River-subwatershed, shallow drinking water source for rural and Richmond residents ---by safely treating Munster’s wastewater ON-SITE (at Munster).

Instead, the city, (under the protective silence of the ineffectual agencies, named above), has proceeded with construction of a risky pressure-forcemain to send raw, septic sewage through the shallow, vulnerable, drinking water aquifer of more than 5,000 residents.

To do so, it has broken more than two dozen of its own Official Plan (land-use planning) provisions, it has falsified costing data, it has refused to do a risk-assessment analysis (knowing the outcome), it has failed to perform a wetlands study (through the provincially significant Richmond Fen Wetlands), it had not complied with several requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act (including, adequately and truthfully informing the public before irrevocable decisions are made), and it has failed to act in the public interest through the exercise of precautionary best business practices, good faith dealings, honesty, openness and transparency.

As demonstrated by the website: http://www.ottawasewergatefiasco.com/r.htm, the forcemain is not sustainable, economically prudent, responsible, environmentally sound or safe for humans.

In the face of such deceitful practices by the city, should its motives be trusted in the above subwatershed study requests?

The resounding answer from many members of the Rural Council (including the Board of Directors of the Ottawa-Carleton Soil and Crop Improvement Association) is: “NO”