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Liberals out of touch
on gun registry


The Ottawa Citizen
May 4, 2004

Re: Voluntary gun registry idea irks MPs, April 30.

   MP Marlene Jennings's comment summed up nicely how out of touch she and the Liberal party are with the mood of most Canadians. Responding to a proposal for a voluntary firearms registration, Ms. Jennings said, "The overwhelming majority in every single province want compulsory gun registration."
   It's obvious Ms. Jennings has no grasp of what the term "overwhelming majority" means.
   Since December 2002, four separate polls (two by Ipsos-Reid and two by JMCK Communications) have shown national support for the gun registry ranging from 37 per cent to 43 per cent.


   In January, an Ipsos-Reid-Globe and Mail-CTV survey that asked "Is it time to scrap the Canadian gun registry?" garnered nearly 27,000 responses, 71 per cent of which said "yes."
   Just as surreal was Ms. Jennings comment that "the gun registry ... is vital for police to track illegal firearms that are used in crime." This statement ignores the obvious fact that illegal firearms aren't included in the registry.
   The firearms registry is the poster issue for Liberal waste and corruption that a real "overwhelming majority" of Canadians is fed up with. It's unfortunate that Ms. Jennings and her Liberal colleagues are too busy living in their fantasy world to realize it.

Gerry Gamble,
St. Catharines

 The Ottawa Citizen 2004


Right to protection


The Ottawa Citizen
May 4, 2004

   I find it hard to believe that some people, especially some women, still advocate this worthless, ineffective firearms registry that has cost taxpayers almost $2 billion. I am a law-abiding taxpaying family woman who believes that God gave me life and only God will have the right to take it. Therefore I choose never to be a victim.
   To me, victimization is a myth; you make your own destiny. If someone chooses to try to harm me, I have the right under natural law to preserve and defend myself and my family. No one, not even the government of Canada or misguided lobbyists, can ever take that away.


   I don't understand why some women are allowing the government to coddle criminals while leaving themselves and their families unprotected. Why do criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens?
   It's time to scrap the firearms registry and put the money into something that will help: a registry for criminals.

Tracey Kleim,
Moose Jaw, Sask.,
Canadian director,
Women against Gun Control

 The Ottawa Citizen 2004


Absurd waste


The Ottawa Citizen
May 4, 2004

   Given that the majority of gun-related homicides and crimes in Canada are committed by career criminals using unregistered handguns, it seems absurd that the federal government has wasted nearly $2 billion on the gun-registry program that targets rural duck hunters and their long guns.
   Rather than reeling out the same old diatribe, it's time the Liberals scrapped the registry and



 diverted the hundreds of millions of dollars that will be needed to run it each year into programs that have a proven track record of saving lives, such as putting more police on the streets and providing more money for health care.

Chris Rumbold,

 The Ottawa Citizen 2004