Farmers are facing formidable city and provincially-imposed bureaucratic pressures, at a time when dumping of
foreign-subsidized commodities goes virtually unchecked, and producers' earnings are a small fraction of end consumer prices.

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The courage to keep on farming

If everything goes perfectly for Ottawa's cash-crop farmers -- lots of sunshine, enough rain -- they can just barely break even. Yet many keep planting, and hoping, against all the odds.

Don Carty was raised on a farm in Campbell's Bay, Quebec. The Carty family had 300 acres, a lot of it bush, but there was enough clear land to grow some cash crops, and several barns, to house dairy cows and pigs.

It was the pigs that brought the farm down. Mr. Carty remembers it well. It was the mid-'50s, he would have been 10 or 11, and it was that time of year when the pigs were soon to be sold at auction.

The entire family was anticipating the day when the pigs would be loaded up and taken away. The day when the money would come in.

CREDIT: Julie Oliver, The Ottawa Citizen
'We're not complaining, and we don't want handouts,' says North Gower farmer Don Carty. 'I just wish somebody could figure out what the heck is going on with this business.'
 The Ottawa Citizen 2006