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Who we are:
"The Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton is an organization dedicated to
the protection of rural values and preservation of rural lifestyle."

Our Mission Statement:

The Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton is a coalition of rural citizens and organizations representing communities, property owners and small business, dedicated to the preservation and protection of rural rights, values and freedom from unwarranted urban regulation, through education, advocacy and political leverage.






 Present Status:

  • Regional Ottawa's rural townships are worse off now, than before amalgamation with the city. Something MUST, and WILL, be done.

 The issue now is...  

  • What are we prepared to do about it?

The Rural Council was founded to
constructively work towards solving the problem.

We are looking for volunteers throughout the rural community, of all viewpoints and diverse talents, to become members of this council so that we can speak with ONE VOICE ---YOURS. If you feel that the status quo is not satisfactory, then we need your input!

Please contact us through the "BECOME A MEMBER" link, so you can be counted, too.
Thank you.

 Background Essay and Subject Links:




1.)   Questionnaire-Survey July, 2004


One of the early tasks the Rural Council saw necessary to perform, (after setting up this website), was to prepare and distribute a detailed Questionnaire-Survey, throughout the rural areas of the former regional townships.

The purpose of the questionnaire was to gauge the rural populace for their attitudes regarding the preferred approach to take in order to work toward restoring a large measure the democracy that was lost through amalgamation.

Phase I of the survey was a home-delivered random sampling of the four rural townships of Ottawa. (See link to June 30th, 2004, PRESS RELEASE:
SURVEY of rural Ottawa attitudes, through July: PRESS RELEASE)

Phase II of the survey is an on-line version of the same survey -operating through the last half of July 2004- that was open to residents of the same rural townships, that did not receive the home-delivered forms.


Monitor postings through the
link on our Homepage for other upcoming surveys and news postings.


2.)   Education, advocacy and political leverage
The Mission Statement of the Rural Council refers to the use of "education, advocacy and political leverage to achieve its goals".
On November 8, 2004, the first step on the road to implementing these objectives was in the form of a public meeting at Kinburn, with guest speaker Walter Robinson, (Link to Meeting press coverage).

As stated by Rural Council President, Bob McKinley, at the meeting, "If your councillor doesn't represent you, doesn't share your values, then start looking for someone who does. We need to empower ourselves. We need to expand the basis of our influence and use it during the election of 2006.

We can hold the balance of power."