Is City Council falling for another 'green-washing ' artifice the $300,000,000-plus Green-Bin Program?




Rural Council Reports: 



The city's Ottawa Hydro Solar energy proposal appears to be nothing more than a closed-loop 'gravy-train' to benefit over-paid executives and bureaucrats the expense of taxpayers.

Is such a convoluted and complex plan designed to appear clever? Or is it to obfuscate a possible lack of intelligence? Or is it just to pretend to be "Green", when they know otherwise? Or is it merely an imaginative internal scheme through which to reward themselves?

Or is it all of the above?

How quickly these executives ignore the fact that there is only one taxpayer to bear the brunt of all of these artificially-created higher 'green-wash' costs, that, on balance, produce results that likely end up being more detrimental to the environment.

What will Hydro Ottawa think of next: building a wave pool to harvest tidal power?

Here is the story, as reported by CFRA:

Solar Energy Fields Near the Trail Road Dump?

Josh Pringle
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two solar energy fields could be created on land near the Trail Road landfill to generate enough power for 15-hundred homes.
A report for the Planning and Environment Committee recommends Councillors approve an agreement between the City of Ottawa and Hydro Ottawa subsidiary Energy Ottawa for the development of a Solar Energy Park.
Energy Ottawa is hoping to take advantage of the Ontario Government's Feed-in-Tariff program, which provides long-term price guarantees for renewable electricity creation.
Solar energy fields could be constructed on a piece of land at the corner of Moodie Drive and Barnsdale Road and at Moodie and Trail Road.
If approved by Council, the city would lease the lands to Energy Ottawa for 20 years at a cost of $2.5 million.
The solar energy fields must be approved by the Ontario Power Authority.
Construction on the first solar field would begin in the second half of 2011, with operations beginning in early 2012.

CFRA Poll:

Energy Ottawa - a subsidiary of Ottawa Hydro - is about to install a 120 acre solar panel park at the Trail Road dump site. (Please vote first. To comment, email
Good news. Solar power is an important part of the renewable energy future 26.9%
Investing in solar power for public energy generation is foolish. It is too expensive and impractical 71.3%
Other 1.77%
Total Votes: 1467

 Here is more in depth observation by one private citizen:


Subject: City Solar Power project

Here is an example of how moronic city staff and councillors can be.

Hydro Ottawa Holdings Inc. shares are owned entirely by the City of Ottawa or us taxpayers.

Hydro Ottawa Limited is a corporation wholly owned by Hydro Ottawa Holdings Inc. It provides electricity to the City of Ottawa and Casselman customers.

Energy Ottawa is owned by Hydro Ottawa Limited. It provides energy management and procurement services.

Now Energy Ottawa intends to lease land from the City of Ottawa (us taxpayers) for $125,000 a year for 20 years to create a solar panel farm to produce electricity which it will sell to us taxpayers at 10 times the cost of conventional electricity.

Bob Monette thinks this is a great deal.

What is actually going to happen in this incestuous arrangement is executive salaries and bonuses for a bunch of bureaucrats such as Rosemarie Leclaire, President and CEO of Hydro Ottawa Holdings Inc.

Michael E. Pongray
Vice-President / Senior Forensic Auditor & Consultant
White Knight Champions Inc.





Far better solution:

If Hydro Ottawa really wants to do something useful at the Trail Road Landfill site, that:

  • would be highly profitable to the Ottawa Hydro Corporation,

  • would actually save taxpayer dollars, by earning large profits for the city,

  • would not require artificially inflated hydro rate subsidies, (of 80.2 cents/KwH; more than 10-times our base rate),

  • would be highly beneficial to the environment,

  • and would eliminate the need for the Trail Road Landfill site to ever have to expand again,

then, Hydro Ottawa should focus on one of the new waste-to-energy systems that are available, that actually do work.

See the RCOC Report on:  Energy From Waste -- the Future is NOW