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(Tuesday, November 15th and Saturday, November 19th)

Message from Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton President, Janne Campbell, to Rural Council members, and all residents of the rural townships of the former Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton ...  

 Janne Campbell

October 31, 2005

If you haven't yet registered for the two-day Rural Summit, its not too late. The deadline for registering has been extended and although there are already about 250 people signed up, the Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton would like to see at least 300 rural people attend. Why? Well, first of all, we want to make sure that your views are heard both on Day One (November 15th) when provincial and federal representatives will be present and on Day Two (November 19th) when we decide on directions for City Council to start resolving the issues of Governance, Services, Agriculture, Rural Business, Policy and Access, Communication & Consultation.

When you register, you'll be asked to select three of the issues that interest you. The City will be sending out background information to you on these issues. By registering, you will ensure that you get the information in time to review it before you attend Day Two.
The agendas for both days have been posted on the Rural Summit website at
Register now by calling 311 or online at
Janne Campbell,
President, Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton



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CALL: 311
Register online:



DAY 1: (Tuesday, November 15th):
This presents an excellent opportunity to hear some of the thoughts on rural matters from municipal, provincial and federal personnel, and offers attendees a forum to comment and ask questions.

Day 2: (Saturday, November 19th):
This presents an excellent opportunity to voice your preferences
on the subjects of Rural Governance, Rural Business, Agriculture, Rural Policy, Rural Service Issues and Communications Issues.


For more detailed information on the Rural Summit: