Political involvement stance and 2006 Work Plan
discussed at March 2, 2006 RCOC Meeting

At its March 2nd monthly meeting, the Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton discussed its official policy with regard to political involvement.

It was important that such a conversation be held, given that municipal election fever is already sweeping the city.

It was unanimously agreed that it was not part of the Rural Council's mandate to officially support or recommend individual candidates or candidate slates, during the upcoming municipal election. Candidate preferences are bound to be different, within the RCOC membership, and it is a matter of personal choice who one votes for. The organization believes it is in the best interest of our clearly expressed respect for democracy, to encourage members to actively voice their own personal preferences, for their own personal reasons.

Having said that, though, Rural Council interim president, Bruce Webster, expressed that our Mission Statement clearly mandates that we hold steadfast to remaining politically involved in protecting rural interests ---"through education, advocacy and political leverage".


Our Mission Statement:
The Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton is a coalition of rural citizens and organizations representing communities, property owners and small business, dedicated to the preservation and protection of rural rights, values and freedom from unwarranted urban regulation, through education, advocacy and political leverage.


Work plan Sub-Committee:

Bruce Collier provided the following list for the Rural Council workplan; some issues were added at the meeting. The sub-committee was asked to prioritize the work plan items.


1.      Biosolids

2.      Dump Site

3.      Designation of water access

4.      Greenspace master plan

5.      Boat Bypass

6.      Broadband internet access

7.      Basic Services

8.      Pathways project

9.      Goulbourn Wetlands

10.    Rural Council Communications
        and Marketing

11.  Communicating with the City

12.  Clean Water Act

13.   Aberdeen Farmersí Market

14.   Improving Governance / political

15.   Fundraising

16.   Better access to city staff

17.   Food inspections

18.   Bylaw harmonization

19.   City of Ottawa Budget

20.   Property rights