Important NOTICE to Landowners*
*(primarily in Goulbourn, within the Jock River subwatershed)

 "The 'Rural Revolution' . . .is coming to Richmond !"

Public Meeting:

Topic:          The Jock River Reach(**) 2
                  Subwatershed Study
   **("Reach", in this instance is more accurately defined as: "Grab".)

When:              August 4, 2004,  7:00 10:00 p.m.

Where:             Upstairs in the Richmond Arena

            If you are a landowner, and have been asked by the city to take part in the Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study you will want to attend this very important meeting. Government intrusion into our private life and property only leads to governments legislating restrictions onto those properties. There is a host of punishing legislation that could remove land from your control and put it into the control of bureaucrats.

            Negotiating and complying with all levels of government only leads to the landowner compromising and always giving up your fundamental right to say, NO. If government restricts the use of the land you own, you will still be required to pay property tax on those properties. You will also be giving up the right to enjoy and make a living off this land.

            The L.L.A. has been very successful in dealing with all levels of government. Let them show you how to protect yourself and your property from the invasiveness of government meddling and social engineering.

             Even if you do not own property directly in the Jock River subwatershed area, you may still want to hear how misguided, (and not always well-intentioned), politicians and bureaucrats are eroding individual rights and freedoms ...all in the name of "individual rights and freedoms".

This is guaranteed to be quite an eye-opener!

Contact information:

  • Lanark Landowners Association 1-613-257-7968; or,

  • West Carleton Rural Association,
    (Shirley Dolan, Secretary/Treasurer: 613-623-0675)


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