PRESS RELEASE:                                                                        July 12, 2004

Rural Council supports the launch of
"The Free Press Advocate"

A sorely-needed new voice for democratic advocacy

The Rural Council is pleased to join rural and community associations across Ontario to endorse and help Doug Clark – an award-winning journalist and nationally-acclaimed author – launch a new publication dedicated to reviving the voice and rights trampled by forced municipal amalgamation.

The Free Press Advocate intends to revive the concept of “informed consent” by alerting its readers to issues, policies and legislation – the “news” – that the mainstream media will not report and which the community newspapers cannot report.

Initially a free monthly publication with a projected press run of 40,000 copies, the paper is being launched with the support of 20 grass-roots associations across Ontario. Their $500 seed money entitles each group to 2,000 copies, which they will distribute.

The plan is to increase frequency and circulation with support from “subscribers” willing to invest $50 to help champion this cause, paid advertisers and anonymous “Friends of” the paper. Those who can give more are asked to do so; for those who find $50 a hardship, you can help the cause by distributing papers, submitting articles, suggesting stories or just spreading the word. There is a role for everyone in this grass-roots struggle.

We endorse this effort to put all similar-minded groups on the same page at the same time, to provide a forum for our lost voice and to challenge the divide-and-conquer tactics of politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government.

To pledge your support, or for more information, contact Doug at or 613-489-2795.


Who is Doug Clark? CLICK HERE

What other organizations are saying:

"The LLA along with many other rural associations and community groups recognize the main stream media cannot report adequately on rural affairs, the urban market dominates their views and perspectives as well as their profits. Therefore rural problems and worthy news is generally insignificant or non-existent to the urban media: and remains invisible to both urban & rural people."

                                         Randy Hillier,  President, Lanark Landowners Association

"The Richmond Village Association applauds Doug Clark for leading the way with his new publication, focusing on the gaping democratic deficit left in the wake of hastily invoked amalgamations.  We rurals expect this publication will play an important role in helping us regain our identities, lost in large part through amalgamating with the urban areas. Urban councillors tend to have little respect for, or understanding of, rural life and values.
The RVA looks forward to the many revelations and insights to be published in 'The Free Press Advocate'."

                                            Bruce Webster, Director, Richmond Village Association

"The Rural community in Ontario is in a crisis like none before. We are being marginalized, our services being cut and our tax dollars wasted through amalgamations into free-spending cities. The three levels of government are threatening our rural businesses and lifestyles by imposing bad laws and regulations that target our rural freedoms.
In this time of crisis it is vital that the rural communities across the province rally together to raise a loud enough voice to stop the assault of the governments.
There is a critical need, for this province-wide rural voice of the 'Free Press Advocate' to provide a rally point to enable the rural communities of Ontario to come together and push back at the growing threat of government.
The West Carleton Rural Association applauds the launch of the
"Free Press Advocate'
as a province-wide Rural voice and we are committed to supporting it in its growth in the rural communities."
                                                                                The West Carleton Rural Association