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The Green Bin Protest - it's not over yet!‏

Did you receive a green bin? Whether you did or not, you will probably end up paying for it through your property taxes.

Do you have a creative alternative use for the green bin? Enter the Carleton Landowner's contest to win a "Carleton County - Yes" sweatshirt:

The Carleton Landowners Association, along with the Ottawa Taxpayers Advocacy Group, the Ottawa Voters' Coalition and the Rural Council, held a rally in support of better local governance on Wednesday, December 9th, at Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West. This event demonstrated to Ottawa councillors and staff the level of frustration felt by many residents on how programs and services, such as the green bin, are ill conceived and implemented.

For those still concerned about the green bin program and the way it has been implemented, you can share your concerns with the City but you must do it soon, before budget deliberations are completed.

In his column in the December 11 EMC, Councillor Eli El-Chantiry wrote that,

"Ottawa city council has not made a final decision on how costs of implementing the Green Bin program are going to be recovered. This will be determined during budget deliberations in January 2010. You are strongly encouraged to have your say in advance of any final decision."

You can do this by:

  • calling 311 and having the operator take note of your name and concerns,
  • sending an email to (include your name and address), or
  • you can make an appointment to present your thoughts in person to Ottawa City Council by calling 613-580-2424 x12487.

It is very likely that rural residents and others who did not receive the green bin will pay for the program through property tax increases. If you don't agree with this or the program in general, please use one of the options above to voice your opposition.

Please see the City of Ottawa website at for more information.

It is important that you make your thoughts known to Council, regarding this $300-Million-plus venture setting up in Ottawa, on a 20-year contract, (after its 2-year failure record in Toronto) !



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While some think of Canada's wide open spaces as having unlimited landfill capacity, environmentally conscious provinces like Quebec are trending away from landfill proliferation and are turning towards the European models, showing that clean Energy-from-Waste practices are far more environmentally responsible and can even be profitable. Thus, 'Waste' should be thought of as an energy resource that should not be wasted!
The National Post article, (below), points to the urgent need for Canadians to manage their garbage using responsible Energy-from-Waste processes, right here at home:
The recycling conundrum: How your blue bin hurts the environment - N. Post

Energy From Waste is the way of the future: STARTING NOW