Views of the partially developed Chats Fall Bypass Locks
on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River

A problem would not exist if this excellent lock-system
had been completed, at the time it was started.

The locks should be completed ...NOW


The Quebec location for the bypass is far more logical, for the following reasons:

  • Work on the locks has already been carried out to a large extent.
  • The infrastructure to handle boat docking, etc., already exists at the Quebec location.
  • The mayor of the nearby community of Quyon is quite happy to accommodate.
  • It makes far more sense in terms of benefit to the local economy, to have the bypass where the proper infrastructure exists.
  • It makes far greater environmental sense to use the existing lock site.
  • Locating the bypass at the Willola Beach side would be environmentally destructive to the fish habitat of the area.
  • It would also prove environmentally destructive to put the bypass road through the existing park and wetlands areas.
  • A required 500-ft. berm at Willola Beach would be aesthetically offensive, and therefore unacceptable from a "social environment" perspective.
  • The bypass route would place residents, (especially young children), in harms way on an ongoing basis.
  • The Environmental Assessment procedure it fundamentally flawed from both a technical perspective, and from the perspective of its inadequate disclosures, and deficiencies in its obligation to inform the public in a timely and transparent manner.