Carp Road Dump expansion proposal
is a City-wide problem

Residents are asked to take immediate action:
     ●  Attend the Public Meeting on February 6th, 2007
      ●  File Comments on Terms of Reference before February 12, 2007


Notice of Public Meeting:

Since WM did not organize public information sessions for either Stittsville or Kanata, the west-end councilors (Eli El Chantiry, Shad Qadri, Peggy Feltmate and Marianne Wilkinson) have scheduled a public meeting for Tuesday, February 6, 2007 6-9 p.m. in the auditorium of Sacred Heart High School, located at 5870 Abbott Street in Stittsville. 

The evening will consist of a presentation by the West-end Councillors regarding the City’s position on the proposed expansion. The Coalition will also make a presentation to help bring everyone up to speed on volunteer efforts and informing the community how to get involved. These presentations will be followed by a Question and Answer period and in the last portion of the evening, city staff will be on hand to assist residents in creating and submitting their comments on the Terms of Reference.   

Officials from Waste Management were invited to attend the meeting to present their proposal but declined.

  • Forward this information onto anyone who you think might be interested in knowing more about the fight to stop the expansion.

  • Also, tell your friends about the Moving Mountains newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter by emailing



Send in Your Comments on the Terms of Reference (ToR):

WM has submitted its revised Terms of Reference (ToR) to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for its proposed expansion of the Carp Rd. landfill. The Environmental Assessment process to evaluate WMs proposal has started.

As of January 12, the community has 30 days to respond to the revised ToR.

The Coalition of Citizen Groups opposed to the expansion is preparing a qualitative response to the revised ToR, building on the work that was done in response to the Draft ToR that was prepared May 2006.

To ensure that a large quantity of comments are sent from individuals within the community it is vitally important that you personally submit your comments too.

Your comments should be sent to:

Ms. Hayley Berlin, Project Officer, EA Project Coordination Section
Environmental Assessment & Approvals Branch

Ministry of the Environment
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A
Toronto, Ontario M4V 1L5

Fax: (416) 314-8452

Your comments must be received by Ms. Berlin, on or before February 12, 2007.


Important website links, below, contain the ToR Document, Petition Forms, The No Dump Flyer, the form to submit an On-Line Odour Report, and other essential background information:

Report Odour From The Dump:
Do you smell the Dump?  Make your voice heard.  Contact Greg Davis of the Ministry of the Environment at 613-521-3450 ext.227 or by email:   Also, an online form is available at: Tell the MoE that the odour is affecting your life and your community.  Also, if the odour makes you feel sick, tell the MoE.  They need to be told every time the odour control attempts don't work. The odour problem is no longer just a nuisance, it is a health issue affecting tens of thousands of people.  - To submit additional complaints regarding the Carp Rd. Dump expansion.

Link to the NoDump Flyer:



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