"The Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton is an organization dedicated to
the protection of rural values and preservation of rural lifestyle."

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Rural Council holds protest rally at City Hall before crucial vote 
All in the name of "effective representation," Council votes to reduce rural representation by over 40% 

  praise for uniting OFA & LLA in common cause

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Some of the issues facing rurals:

  • Lack of rural representation at the council table, disproportionate taxation, reduced services and the imposition of unfair city bylaws, are hurting rural landowners and businesses. (Contains several subject links.)
  • Munster-to-Richmond sewage forcemain issue - This is the only known place in Ontario where sewage-under-pressure is being forced through the fragile drinking water source of over 5000 residents on shallow wells. A tragedy ---worse than Walkerton's--- is certain to unfold if this is not stopped by the MOE.
  • Chats Falls Boat Bypass - This needless waste of tax dollars appears mainly to serve political ambitions ... It is environmentally unsound and places children in harms way.
  • Rural residents hit with punitive water rules - Misguided new drinking water regulations could ruin rural economy.
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"It is particularly important that rural residents know that their views and aspirations are being recognized in the governance structure of their city."

"To recognize the importance of rural communities and to ensure that their concerns are specifically addressed by City Council"

Quoted from:
The Shortliffe Report

Where is Glen Shortliffe now?


"Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner."  
- James Bovard, Civil Libertarian (1994)

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